Costs & Service

Based on information you supply in this form, I will estimate costs to carry out an investigation. Once you agree to the costs estimate and pay a retainer, I am at liberty to carry out the service and you are obligated to pay for the service.

Should costs of our service exceed my estimate, or if service beyond my initial estimation are needed for a successful outcome to an investigation, then I will estimate such additional costs and seek your approval.

If you have any questions about any of these issues, please mention them in the form.

To issue instructions for me to carry out investigations on your behalf please fill in the form and when done click 'send now'.

I cannot commence the service unless a retainer is paid. Generally I expect a retainer equal to 50% of my costs estimate, the details of which will be communicated to you as part of my first consultation after you submit this form.

Information sent to Harjan Investigations through this form is subject to the company's Privacy Policy.

Section 1 - your details
First name
Business name
Street name and number
State or province
Are you related to the subject to be investigated?
If yes, what is your connection?
How did you find us?
Section 2 - the subject of investigation
First name
Residential - Street name and number
Residential - City/suburb
Residential - State or province

Are other addresses known for the subject. If yes, indicate circumstances

If subject runs a business, state business name and address

Driver licence No.

Description of subject (give as much detail as possible). If a digital photograph is available, email it to us.

If subject has legal representation, give name of solicitors
Has the subject been previously investigated?

Circumstances - what is this matter all about. Please give as much detail as possible and what kind of action you would expect from me. I will explore the issues with you in detail before commencing an investigation.
Section 3 - payment
What payment method do you prefer
If you selected "Other", what do you have in mind

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