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The job of surveillance is increasingly getting harder by the day with the increase of more traffic on the roads, speed detection devices being installed across the states, covert camera vehicles set up in unknown locations as well as the increase of police patrols on the roads. As a surveillance operative I face these and many other challengers that present at the time while trying to conduct observations for my clients. The days of doing one man surveillance are getting more difficult and for the cost out laid, a lot of the times the clients are becoming unhappy due to the money spent for little return because the target was lost in traffic ect. This is why I am now encouraging my clients to engage two agents on the case for an agreed hourly rate to minimise the unexpected and further the guarantee for an outcome.

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I run an investigation agency and have long term experience and skills in the sphere of discreet static and mobile surveillance using undercover operatives. I can provide single operatives or teams as required by the complexity of any case.

I use the latest hi-tech professional equipment at all times, ensuring video and photographic evidence with date and time stamp of a standard admissible in court.

With an increasing work load to maintain the professionalism expected from my clientele. I have now access to computer systems in my vehicles to assist me with keeping my clients updated with the current activities while on assignment by emailing photographs or a report if requested.

The Modern Technology has enabled not only to produce photographs for identification purpose and email straight through to the client, but also able to download video footage to a DVD or USB for the immediate delivery when requested.

With this access I can now save time in conducting search inquiries and be more productive on the road to assist in identifying residential and business premises, telephone numbers, occupancy details and much more.

My surveillance services are available for insurance, commercial, transport and hire vehicle companies as well as private and domestic applications.

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Vehicle Tracking

I can monitor motor vehicle activity and location using specialised equipment and software on an hourly or daily basis with the application as well as monitor specific locations that a vehicle arrives at or departs.

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Process Serving

Process service requires accredited and licensed agents. Successful process service requires the skills of communication and know how that comes from long term experience and knowledge of proven methods. I cover all types of process serving Victoria-wide.

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