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Harjan Investigations is privately owned agency with over 36 years experience in the investigation industry and located in Melbourne, Victoria. I provide services Australia-wide and also internationally through several associate agencies overseas.

The principal and Lead Investigator of Harjan Investigations has long-term experience and success in investigations, particularly the field of surveillance.

My field on investigation consists of surveillance, from corporate theft, fraud, insurance matters, vandalism, private and domestic issues, to any area that needs evidence by means of video surveillance.

Over the past years there has been an increase in vandalism and graffiti to Private, Commercial and Council properties. In a large majority of these cases the solution in the past has been reactive and costly by cleaning up the areas of concern, only to find the problem returning and a course of clean up continuing at a cost of millions of dollars to the owners and rate payers.

I have been engaged in the past by Private Clients on domestic issues, Councils and Commercial Businesses on a Pro Active measure to identify the areas of vandalism and to gather the evidence by video surveillance.

By utilising surveillance and video evidence in areas of theft and criminal damage, the offender/s are positively identified and in the majority of cases detained onsite under the powers of arrest (Finds Committing), until police arrive onsite.
As a result of our Pro Active Solution, clients have seen a vast drop and improvement towards the problem of vandalism and criminal damage of there property.

For information enquiries regarding the Pro Active Solution, contact the manager at:

I continue to service my clientele base, who benefit from years of experience, knowledge and know how in the field of surveillance and investigations.

I am happy to provide free consultation and advice on any matter without obligation. Your information will be treated with emphasis on privacy and security. Please refer to the consultation webform and check our Privacy Policy.

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