Images shown on this page are from actual investigations previously carried out. Sections have been obscured for legal reasons to protect the identity of individuals and products.

Investigations carried out by Harjan Investigations

Case 1

After a period of thefts and damage to parking meters in an outer suburb, surveillance identified a male driving his vehicle in the area and attending various parking meters. The offender was cautious not to leave any finger prints by wearing gloves, however, when he left the scene and we gathered the evidence by video recordings, Victorian Police intercepted his vehicle a short time later and the male was last seen assisting the police with inquiries.

Case 2

A man was identified in an outer suburb manipulating parking meters by jamming material into the mechanism with the result that numerous unsuspecting motorists received parking infringements (however, they were later reimbursed by the authorities). Observations was carried out resulting in the person being caught on surveillance video. Consequently he was apprehended by police and charged with numerous offences.

Case 3

An undercover surveillance operation was conducted after information was received that freight was being stolen from various carriers in and around the Suburbs. Observations were then conducted on a suspect identified, that resulted in the target vehicle being intercepted with $12,000 dollars of stolen gear recovered onboard.

Case 4

After receiving a tip off by a concerned consumer regarding stolen goods been sold at an out door market, covert surveillance was set up on the suspects and evidence was obtained by surveillance video, which resulted in $20,000 dollars of goods being recovered.

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