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Infidelity Investigations

I conduct discreet covert surveillance on partners under the instruction from my clients.

When a client contacts Harjan Investigations regarding their partners, they usually already have a strong gut feeling something is going on and engage my experience to investigate their suspicions for peace of mind.

If this sounds familiar in your circumstance, please feel free too contact our manager who is very easy to communicate with, discreet and understanding of your situation.

I have been conducting these types of investigations for over 35 years and will assist you in what is best for your situation.

In most cases of domestic investigations, I will recommend that the use of two agents is required due to sum un foreseen circumstances as an example of a build up of traffic on the roads or the actual person�s possibility of being paranoid of being followed and being cautious due to guilt.

The investigations comprise of photographs obtained from video surveillance and documentation if requested.

The costs are charged at an hourly rate which includes travel time.

Incidental costs are made up of: any costs that arise during the course of the investigation and extra copies of video footage. EG: public transport, restaurant or movies etc.

Before an investigation is commenced a retainer is required to be paid.

All investigations are carried out discreetly and confidential.

For more information regarding our infidelity investigations please contact manager@harjaninvestiga or refer to our contact section for further information.

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